A tribute to and a lament for Marshall McLuhan continues. If he had lived Marshall would have been 100 on July 21, 2011. Join me in the countdown to his centennial, and an exploration of more of his observations on the way media work in the electric age in which we live.

You are living a “gigantic flashback.”

Marshall McLuhan (1970, age 59).  Think about it.

“In our time we are reliving at high speed the whole of the human past.  As in a speeded-up film, we are traversing all ages, all experience, including the experience of prehistoric man.”

Me (January, 2011, age 58).  Is it any wonder you sometimes feel dizzy?

But, as Marshall says, relief is possible.  You “can turn it off.”

Cordially, Marshall and Me


Marshall McLuhan, Counterblast, 1970, p. 115.

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Michael Hinton Friday, January 21st, 2011
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