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What to do with Pastor Terry Jones?

Me (September, 2010, age 58).  Marshall to the rescue.

Yesterday I asked for solutions to the Pastor Terry Jones problem.  Here is some more specific guidance from Marshall McLuhan.

Marshall McLuhan (September, 2010, age 99).  Jokes!

I hesitate to involve myself in earthly matters, however, you seem to be in need of help.  I recall Walt Pittman asking me for a solution to the shameful “Paki” joke problem in Toronto in 1978.  You may recall these racist jokes that blanketed the city at that time.  (What do you say to a Pakistani with a Ferrari?  Stop thief!)  My solution was the obvious one – but the Metropolitan Toronto Council did nothing with the idea – launch a PR campaign to cover the city with a new brand of “Paki” jokes.  Jokes that portray the Pakistani as a wholesome colourful character.

Jokes, I submit, are the easiest and most effective way of dealing with the Pastor Terry Jones problem.  Simply cast him as an archetypal idiot by re-cycling sure-fire Newfie jokes.  For example:   What did Pastor Jones study at Harvard Medical School?  (Nothing, they studied him.)  What’s written on the bottom of Pastor Jones’s beer bottle?  (Drink from other end.)  What’s written on the top rung of Pastor Jones ladder?  (Stop here.)

While we’re at it, one more, knee-slapper:  How many preachers does it take to burn the Koran?   Not a one.  The media are capable of burning the Koran without anyone actually burning anything.

Cordially, Marshall and Me


See McLuhan’s solution to the Paki joke as recalled by Walter Pittman in Who Was Marshall McLuhan? pp. 112-113.

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Michael Hinton Saturday, September 18th, 2010
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