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The necessity & impossibility of creating a group

Marshall (July 1948, age 36).  The necessity & impossibility of creating a group

Talk is vital to my thinking and writing.  It seems impossible, but absolutely necessary, to gather a group of 10 competent people around me here in Toronto to enable me to talk, think, and write.  Even in New York, Paris, or London.  It would be impossible. 

 Me (October 2009, age 57).  The impossible happens

By 1953, with the help of a Ford Foundation grant he obtained with a group of two: himself and the anthropologist Ted Carpenter, who he met in 1948, McLuhan put together a group of 5 around him to think, talk, and write about culture and communications: Ted Carpenter, Jacqueline Tyrwhitt, Harley Parker, Tom Easterbrook, and Carl Williams. Five was enough for the group to come up with “the crucial discovery,” as Philip Marchand says, “that media are extensions of the human body and of the nervous system.”

Do you want to be part of a group to think, talk and write about business, culture, and communications?  Let’s have a conversation.

Cordially, Marshall and Me

P.S.  See you here tomorrow 

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