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The deeps of TV

Me (October, 2010, age 58).  The way to understand is to experience.

Anyone who reads Marshall McLuhan knows that TV is a cool medium.  And that far from being a passive medium TV demands high involvement or participation from all of the senses.  But to be told this is not to understand it. The best way to understand this is to experience it.  Here in glorious 1960s black and white is the message McLuhan claimed hit audiences in his day most powerfully.


Marshall McLuhan (1964, age 52).  Bye bye couch potato …

“The banal and ritual remark of the conventionally literate, that TV presents an experience for passive viewers, is wide of the mark.  TV is above all a medium that demands a creatively participant response.”

Cordially, Marshall and Me


Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964, p. 336.

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Michael Hinton Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
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