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The continuing story of a cheap education

Marshall McLuhan (1960, age 48-49).  Today most learning takes place outside the classroom

Cheap education as I said before costs a lot.  The bought essay is an extension of the student’s minds.  A service that allows students to buy essays is a technology for delivering grades.  Another example of how learning takes place outside the classroom and by different people from the students who buy the essays.  The problem for students who buy essays is that for the rest of their lives they will most likely have to keep on buying them.  Only the essays will be called field reports, quarterly updates, white papers, business proposals, or scientific research.

Michael Hinton (2009, age 57).  The price of this blog

On Wednesday, October 28th, I told you about ordering a custom essay of 1000 words (including footnotes and bibliography) from the Essay Bay essay writing service on the subject “Marshall McLuhan on the cost of a cheap education” that would fetch at least 80 percent.  As of today seven writers have made bids on this job and offered to write the piece for me that would fetch at least 70 percent.  Here are the prices I was bid (which include a $15 for Essay Bay because I’d asked that the job be ‘featured’ on their site): $67.65, $54.15, $112.20, $82.50, $69.00, $109.50, and $69.00.  The average price is therefore $80.57, which is lower than I guessed it would be.  But not low enough to persuade me to buy an essay and post it on this site.  Possibly because if the writers do an Internet search I may wind up buying back my own words.

Today I went to the Concordia Library and picked up the October 27 issue of The Link, the student newspaper in which I first saw the ad.  The ad for custom essays was still being printed in the papers classified section.

If you have a son or daughter at college or university ask them about the practice of buying essays.  Who does this?  Are they tempted to do this?  If you are going to college or university ask yourself: Would you or have you ever bought one?  Was this a good experience?  Do you know anyone who did?  Were they proud, ashamed, uncaring or indifferent to what they had done?  What excuses if any do people give for buying a paper?  Is the essay an obsolete assessment and learning tool?

Cordially, Marshall and Me

Reading for this post

McLuhan, Marshall.  “Classroom without Walls,” in Explorations in Communication. Edited by Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan.  Boston: Beacon, 1960, pp. 1-3.

Posner, Richard A. The Little Book of Plagiarism.  New York: Pantheon, 2007.

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Michael Hinton Saturday, October 31st, 2009
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