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The 100 percent sensible Marshall McLuhan.

Marshall McLuhan (Spring 1971, age 59).  McLuhan to Peter Newman

Did you hear about the man who went on a date with Siamese twins?  The following day a friend asked him if he had a good time.  The man’s reply: yes and no.

Me (June 2010, age 57).   Two cheers for Marshall

Yesterday a small test was made of Patrick Watson’s observation made on “This Hour has Seven Days” that no one can understand more than 10 percent of what Marshall McLuhan has to say.  The test of course was unscientific and leading rather than persuasive.  Today I want to present a more sweeping assessment of McLuhan’s sensibility.  Namely, that on unimportant subjects – that is subjects only tangentially related to media and media theory Marshall McLuhan is always easy to understand.  For example here is McLuhan talking about his personal dislike of technical innovation and change on the CBC television program “This Hour Has Seven Days.” (May 6, 1966):

“I’m resolutely opposed to all innovation, all change.  But I’m determined to understand what’s happening because I don’t choose to sit and let the juggernaut roll over me.  Many people seem to think that because you talk about something recent you’re in favour of it.  The exact opposite is true in my case.  Anything I talk about is almost certainly something I’m resolutely against and it seems to me that the best way of opposing it is to understand it.  Then you know where to turn off the button.”

What has this got to do with the man who dated Siamese twins? The punch line also works for the question:  Do you understand what Marshall McLuhan is saying?  Yes and no.

Cordially, Marshall and Me

Reading for this post

Who Was Marshall McLuhan, edited by Barrington Nevitt with Maurice McLuhan, 1995, pp. 109, 135, and 136.

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Michael Hinton Friday, June 18th, 2010
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