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Students pay too much when they buy essays

Marshall McLuhan (The 1960s, age 48-58). Cheap educations are costly

I went to the University of Manitoba and obtained a B.A. in 1933 and an M.A. in 1934.  I then decided the best thing to do next was start all over again.  In 1934 I went to Cambridge, England to study for my second B.A..  I then went on to win my union card as a teacher by studying for the Ph.D. at Cambridge, which they granted me in 1943.  You might think this is a lot to pay in time and money for an education.  It isn’t.  As I like to say the problem with a cheap education is that you never stop paying for it.    

Michael Hinton (October, 2009, age 57).  Students are paying dearly today for cheap educations  

Here is an advertisement that appeared in the October 13 issue of The Link a Concordia University student newspaper. 

PROFESSIONAL ESSAY HELP.  Research, writing and editing. Writers with post-graduate degrees available to help!  All subjects, all levels.  Plus: resumes, job applications and entrance letters!  1-888-345-8295  www.customessays.com

I e-mailed a request to custom essays for a 1000 word essay on the subject “Marshall McLuhan on the cost of a cheap education,” stipulating that I wanted it to be worth at least 80 percent.  I got 6 bids from writers for an essay that would get me 70 percent.  I don’t know at what price, but it seems likely the price would be between $100 and $200.  Tony Keller a student investigative journalist at York University obtained bids of between $100 and $400 for a 1,750 word essay he ordered on “America’s war on Moustaches.”

Is this good value for money?  What is the real cost of buying an essay?   

Cordially, Marshall and Me


Reading for this post

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Michael Hinton Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
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  • achoo says:

    “the problem with a cheap education is that you never stop paying for it.”

    I would like to know what you mean by this. For example, do you mean cheap as in low tuition fees, or something else? Education today is hardly affordable without saving long-term (15+ years) or incurring crippling debt? So pretty much all university education is expensive. But needless to say, they are not all fully adequate and worthwhile pursuits that eventually pay off.

    I don’t think cheap education is always bad. What of countries like Sweden, France, Germany, Argentina, etc. – countries that offer free university education (regardless of nationality) and by all accounts seem to be strong/vibrant economies and societies?

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