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Still more suggestions for new Chapters of Understanding Media

Marshall McLuhan (August 2010, age 99).  Is this funny?

Again?  More joke titles for new chapters for Understanding Media?  Now you’ve gone too far.

Me (September, 2010, age 58).  You tell me.

Here are even more tongue-in-cheek suggestions for new chapters for Understanding Media:

Coronation Street:  Ear’s to the Medium

Girdle:  It’s a Cinch

White Out:  A Step Backwards?

The Foreman Grill:  Reversal of a Hot Medium

Telemarketing: Dollars and Sense

Financial Fraud:  Give and Take?

Robin Hood: The Medieval Poor Man’s Credit Card

Megaphone:  Old Yeller

White Wall Tires:  Extensions of Spats

Flatulence:  Wind at Your Back

Cordially, Marshall and Me


Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964, pp. xi – xiii.

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Michael Hinton Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
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