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Marshall McLuhan (1966, age 55). It seems inevitable.

As the world speeds up what was formerly separate becomes joined.  Politics is becoming entertainment and entertainment politics.  Within fifteen years I think it is safe to say an actor will be elected president of the United States.

Me (July, 2010, age 58). And vice versa?

This is one of McLuhan’s predictions that seems spot on (Ronald Reagan) incredibly perceptive (who else would have thought such a thing) and a bit too good to be true (one wonders how seriously he took the idea.)

As I was playing with the idea it struck me that it should work the other way too.  A politician should eventually succeed as an actor.  It took a bit longer but Al Gore did win an Oscar for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

What predictions of Marshall McLuhan’s do you find most startling?

Cordially, Marshall and Me

P.S.  From Marshall:  Corinne tells me it’s your birthday.  Happy Birthday Michael.  May there be many more.

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Barrington Nevitt with Maurice McLuhan, Who Was Marshall McLuhan? 1994, p. 198.

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Michael Hinton Saturday, July 24th, 2010
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  • >it should work the other way too

    Cauli-forn-yah Governator Ah-nold Schwarzenneggah !

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