A tribute to and a lament for Marshall McLuhan continues. If he had lived Marshall would have been 100 on July 21, 2011. Join me in the countdown to his centennial, and an exploration of more of his observations on the way media work in the electric age in which we live.

Music to their ears.

Marshall McLuhan (1969, age 58).  The teenage music!

“Today the teenage music is an environment not something to be played inside an environment.”

Me (April, 2011, age 58).  Profound or what?

Perhaps all Marshall is saying is that teenage music is loud and is best avoided indoors.  Of course, having 6 children and sensitive hearing he had many opportunities to be struck pleasantly or unpleasantly by teenage music.

Cordially, Marshall and Me


Marshall McLuhan, Counterblast, 1969, p. 72.


Michael Hinton Thursday, April 21st, 2011
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