About me

What I care most about at work are Communications, Marshall McLuhan and Economics. (Outside of work, I care most about running, reading, and my wife Debbie, not necessarily in that order.)

Economic history is an old love I’ve recently returned to.  In April, 2010 I gave a paper at an economics department workshop at Ryerson entitled  “Did Canadian manufacturing fail?  The case of the Canadian cotton textile industry before WW1.” I’m also writing a paper with Tom Barbiero on the growth of PowerPoint.

With Marshall McLuhan on my mind each day and writing the blog “From Marshall and Me,” life was never dull.  It is hard to believe – at least it’s hard for me to believe – we have now completed over 4oo posts and on the 100th anniversary of McLuhan’s birth it was time to say good bye. 

In my communications practice I write speeches and coach leaders on presentation.   My book, Speaking to the CEO, is based on interviews with CEOs, senior executives, management consultants and academics, and deals with what tough business audiences want to see in a business presentation.  I’ve recently completed a draft of a new pamphlet, “Exorcising the demons of PowerPoint.”

Early this year, I watched Sir Richard Branson give an amazing presentation at McGill.  If I can continue to bring a fraction of the energy, passion, and fun to my work that he does I’ll be more than happy, I’ll be ecstatic.