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Happy rapidly approaching centennial, Marshall McLuhan!

Marshall McLuhan (June 2, 2010, age 98).  Just one problem.

Marshall, have you heard?

Heard what, Corinne?

About the plans to celebrate your 100th birthday next year.

Yes, and I have a concern.

What’s that?

Neither, 100 nor 2011 are divisible by 3.  As you know I consider numbers divisible by 3 to be lucky.  Perhaps we should skip it.  My 150th isn’t far off!

Me (June 2010, age 57)   Plans are underway

At least two meetings have taken place in Toronto – the last on May 25 – involving over 60 people led by Bob Logan and Eric McLuhan to plan events to celebrate the life and work of Marshall McLuhan in 2011 on the 100th anniversary of McLuhan’s birth [July 21, 1911].  The McLuhan Centenary Celebrations is seen as a wide-ranging series of “events and exhibitions” which will take place in 2011 in Toronto, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Bologna, Amsterdam and Berlin, and hopefully Montreal and elsewhere.  These include: a film festival; something on advertising, music, television, wearable technologies, and education; academic conferences; a series of events as yet undisclosed called “McLuhan in Europe,” the revival of McLuhan’s famous Monday night media seminar, a proposal to restore the Coach House, the home of McLuhan’s Center for Culture and Technology in the late 1960s and the 1970s, and the establishment of a McLuhan museum in Toronto.  The next meeting of the organizing committee will take place in Toronto on June 29.

What events do you think should be part of the McLuhan Centennial Celebrations?  What about an event for Montreal? I’d love to hear what you think.

Cordially, Marshall and Me

Reading for this post

Minutes of the May 25 McLuhan Centenary Celebrations Committee meeting

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Michael Hinton Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
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  • Tom says:

    100 years = 36,524.2199 days according to Google’s calculator. Rounding down, 36,524 is not evenly divisible by three, but go to 100 years plus 1 day, you’d get 36,525 which, /3 is 12,175. Might that meet the need for luck?

    Glad to be able to send this message. I’ve been a student – a Child of McLuhan – since 1963 – University of Wisconsin, Madison.



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